Catriona Rowntree

“My 'dressing room' that appeared in The Australian Women's Weekly, It looked nothing like this last year, more a mosh pit of paper work, children's mess and general chaos. I'd heard about Lou through a friend and quietly uttered the word 'help!'...and here we are. Deep breath, call Lou.”

- Catriona Rowntree

“We were 6 months post move and only half unpacked with no time or energy to finish the job. Our pantry was a mess and we had no idea what was in there. We had seen Lou's work on social media for a while and were mulling over getting her in to help, we're so glad we did. Our house now feels like home and we feel settled, and most importantly our pantry is organised, we're eating better and not wasting money buying things we already have! I couldn't recommend One Day P.A. more highly - thanks Lou!”

-Dan & Leanne

“Lou is the ultimate professional - passionate and knowledgable. Beyond that she is a beautiful person and so understanding. Her genuine willingness to hear you and best support you is what makes One Day P.A a stand out business and one that I highly recommend.”

-Lena Moxon

“It’s a couple of weeks since our big move & I literally stand in my kitchen feeling grateful, blessed & in awe EVERY day since Lou worked her kitchen organisational wizardry. The whole space is ridiculously AMAZING, superbly & exceptionally functional & so beautifully & carefully organised that cooking is more than a pleasure, putting away the shopping is something I look forward to & the whole family is working like a well oiled machine when it comes to kitchen chores because they know exactly where everything goes due to every single thing having a place. Dear Lou, I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! I’m a MUCH happier Mum & wife because of your exceptional work in my kitchen! THANK YOU!”

-Amy LaPosa