Are you drowning underneath a
never ending to-do list?

The One Day P.A. team are here to take you from overwhelm to clear and calm by taking care of the tasks on your to-do list you keep telling yourself you’ll get to ‘One Day’.


One Day P.A. has fast become Geelong’s leading lifestyle management company providing personalised life admin services to busy professionals and families with unmanageable home and work schedules.

Founder and director Lou Hammer aims to give each and every client a healthy balance between work and life by taking care of the tasks on their to-do list which they keep telling themselves they will get to 'one day'.

Lou and her team of experienced and trusted personal assistants can help give you precious time back by taking care of one off tasks you just never get around to doing or can work with you ongoing to manage the day-to-day tasks taking up time in your personal and professional life.

Our Services

Whether you need assistance for a one off project or a P.A. to work alongside you on an ongoing basis the One Day P.A. team can help. With a team skilled in a range of personal and professional areas you’re sure to find a P.A. to suit your needs.See All Services »

What is a P.A.?

A P.A. (Personal Assistant) is your angel sent from organisational heaven to take you from overwhelm to clear and calm. With a diverse range of skills a P.A. is an expert in the art of getting s**t done.

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Workshops + Events

Find out what exciting workshops Director, Lou, is hosting. From brain dumps, retreats and decluttering classes you’ll be well on your way to clear and calm in no time.

We replace overwhelm with clarity.